Designing products is fickle. Everyone has an opinion.

You might be familiar with the adage, “Opinions are like _______; everyone has one”.

Unlike writing code, where we look for repeatable, proven, and documented ways to solve problems, design is subjective. Most design problems are unique, which is why opinions, experience, priorities, and ego play such a big role in our decision to choose one…

Designed for: Greymatter*
Project: User management for no-code API portals
Notable launch impact:
8,000+ API consumer sign-ins per month

*Names changed to protect the innocent

The product

Greymatter’s no-code API portals are a turn-key (as in, push-button-receive-website) tool to allow API producers to quickly document and publish their APIs to their consumers

I’m now several [years] into this experiment. (Like, half a decade 👀). For weeks after I wrote the first part, I felt blocked, clouded, and outright uninspired. Ultimately, I gave up, realizing that expecting an artist’s inspirational capacity to impersonate water from a tap—that which can be turned on and…

Originally published 7 September, 2016, updated July 2021.

I expect wiring electrical systems in a new build construction frame is blissful compared to the madness of re-wiring an existing building — where cutting through walls and floors (and repairing them afterward) takes more time than the actual wiring job itself…

I’m Brandon, or if you prefer 40,000 opinions in 280 characters or less, @brandonscript on Twitter.

Me, staring at something, probably a screen.

Maybe you’ve seen me around the web and social media as formerly remus (, lightofstorms (Instagram, formerly r3mus). It was under the guise of this alias that I poured an incalculable supply of nonsense…

Brandon S.

Quantum foam traveler

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